Meet The Woman Behind Industry-Changing NFT Technology

Gotham Magazine / Aug 20, 2021

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Alexandra Fairweather, an innovative art guru, and finance entrepreneur who is facilitating major shifts in the art and entertainment arenas.

Fairweather has paved her way in the art industry with her forward-thinking and dedication to bringing the lesser-known aspects of the art world to the forefront.

As a teenager, Alexandra filmed artist John Chamberlain in the most intimate moments of his home and professional life. She later released the footage to allow viewers a chance to get to know the man behind the larger-than-life sculptures.

Her latest endeavor expands upon this archival concept, featuring moments of notable names in the art, society, fashion, and music realms. By turning this material into NFTs, she is giving fans and collectors a chance to get to know their favorite icons on a more intimate level.

This blue-chip NFT platform is set to launch on September 9th, 2021.

Read more for an exclusive look at this industry-changing NFT technology designed for artists to keep their work alive in a digital world.

Q: You mentioned NFT will surpass the phenomenon and become permanently ingrained into our society. Do you think there will be pushback to this?

A: There has already been tremendous pushback to this space, but that's usually the case when the world is presented with something novel. “Everyone's a critic” (jokingly said). The main problem in this space and where we have seen a lot of pushback is that there really is no way to value a majority of the art that is being sold. Due to this, the art world is naturally suspicious and correctly so.

Click changes that because our NFTs have an inherent connection to already known talent that has established market value, history, and online presence. Our collectors can simply use a search engine to understand the material of these NFTs which should encourage buyer confidence and establish value for the NFT even before it sells. Our goal at Click is to actually answer the question and solve the problem of where the pushback originates. Click offers NFTs with inarguable value: the bluechip NFT that we are lovingly introducing as the "BluNFT."

Q: What steps need to be taken for NFT to become hegemonic in these spaces?

A: At Click, we believe hegemony works alongside originality, leadership, and management. The Click platform will feature material that is already valuable due to its origin, which will be the major advantage over current NFT offerings. Our NFTs will be curated, organized, and featured in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and easy to view. We find a lot of the current marketplaces feature so much differing content classified in a confusing manner, which does not allow for true understanding of what the subject matter is or who the artist is. Click’s platform will allow collectors to view our sales in an organized, chic, and beautiful way. Our vision is a luxurious online boutique/publication that offers users the ability to obtain digital assets that have yet to be seen from the world's most recognizable names and talents. This will be an intimate approach that allows a more concise understanding of the creator themselves and an inherent value to the investment you are making.

Q: In what ways do these new technologies “make history modern?”

A: These technologies currently do not, but Click will. Never before seen material, including video, photos, journals, and literature from many of history's most iconic tastemakers will be forever digitized on the blockchain, taking "hidden treasures" of the past and transforming them into modern, accessible collectible assets. Our goal is that these archive-sourced NFTs will become relevant in modern times and encourage current and future generations to dig deeper into the stories, lives, and adventures of those they follow and iconicize. It will bring the modern buyer or collector closer to these individuals and otherwise lost pieces of undigitized history. BluNFTs by Click will bring the foundation of these icons to the epicenter of the modern world.

Q: Can you describe a few ways in which digitization has changed the art and entertainment industries?

A: Digitization has allowed us to uncover early works from the estates of some of the most well-known and important artists. We can understand these artists more deeply by viewing and experiencing old files, photographs, videos, voice recordings, and more. Digitization allows archives to be transformed into modern digital files that can be easily accessed and stored in perpetuity. The format of this content is oftentimes not “shelf-stable,” so time is of the essence to save these archives from total destruction with digitization.

Q: How has this digitization benefited the industry? Are there any drawbacks?

A: Physical archives are oftentimes inaccessible, but digitization allows estates and foundations to share these archives in an organized and time-efficient manner that would otherwise not be possible.

Q: Is NFT critical to keep your work alive in a digital world? Are there alternative approaches to staying relevant?

A: I do not think NTFs are critical to keeping artwork alive in the digital world but I do believe them to be an amazing way to attract a new and changing audience and create an untapped revenue stream. Prior to NFTs, collectors were only of the traditional sense and now we have access to millions of people across the globe who are interested in art in a new fashion. I think the NFT space is something the art world should encourage and embrace and I’m confident they will do so through Click’s curated and organized offerings.

The blockchain is simply a new auction block that happens to include a variety of new bidders using alternate ways to acquire the items they bid on. Staying “alive” involves great management and representation by a different type of creator - someone who believes in your craft, understands it at its core and can help present it to the world in strategic and interesting ways.

Q: Is it difficult to constantly be adapting and evolving to the times? How do you get ahead of the curve?

A: True art IS innovation. It’s groundbreaking, raw, different, provocative, and challenging, all traits that are inherent to evolution, new perspectives, and innovation. I do not believe it to be difficult for artists. I think it’s natural. In my experience, true artists don't think about getting "ahead of the curve." They are simply and beautifully consumed with doing what they love and naturally creating it whether it be sculpture, painting, music, clothing, literature, or otherwise. When passion is involved and truth to oneself is present, it shines through the craft which naturally pushes them “ahead of the curve." I don't believe artists think that way, but I do think they are obsessed and consumed with their craft and that creativity takes full control. When passion and dedication are present, masters are made.

Q: How do you move forward with the times, but stay true to your roots as an artist?

A: Talk to the youngins around you (said jokingly). Being comfortable in who you are and staying true to yourself.

Q: You have made many shifts in the art and entertainment spaces. What does it take to be a disruptor in any industry?

A: Disruption is simple if you do not believe in the "boxes" society creates. Do what you believe, be an innovator, and do not be scared of change or speaking your truth. Being inherently you will change perspectives and bring innovation. Innovators are natural disruptors that deserve encouragement.


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