Click is an NFT marketplace and editorial destination for premier contemporary art and never-before-seen cultural archives.

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Contributing to Culture

NFTs have the potential to make lasting contributions to culture. By using them to spotlight iconic artworks, rare or forgotten archives, and boundary-pushing contemporary artists, Click is building bridges between past, present and future generations by way of the blockchain.

Preserving Archives

The cultural treasures of the last 100 years captured on 16mm, slides, letters and other ephemera are disintegrating—they cannot last forever in their physical form. Digitizing them into NFTs is Click’s way of preserving these materials and ensuring they live on. Through this visionary archival initiative, Click aims to foster new scholarship and research as well as spark enthusiasm among future generations.

Funding the Arts

Each drop is a testament to Click’s dedication to artists, estates, foundations, and museums and the result of a close partnership. Once sales are completed, their proceeds will serve to fund the future artworks, public programs, exhibitions, restorations, and publications that further the mission-focused work of Click partners.

Creating Community

Click is dedicated to building an ever-growing and highly passionate community of cultural enthusiasts. Click Collectors have access to exclusive programming around the arts and culture, VIP events, and collector-specific Discord groups.

Click’s team is comprised of artists, blockchain engineers, art world veterans, archivists, UX/UI designers, creative strategists, marketing geniuses, and communication gurus. Alexandra Fairweather is the Founder of Click. In addition, she is the Director of the John Chamberlain Estate.

Working Sustainably

Though blockchain technology offers many novel benefits, it also generates a large carbon footprint. Carrying out Click’s mission without adversely impacting the planet is a central priority. To that end, Click has partnered with Aerial, an industry pioneer that works with verified environmental efforts globally to offset the carbon emissions of NFTs.